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SilentCall-Gard is a free service which helps to stop or reduce the number of silent, abandoned and recorded message calls you receive

What is a silent call?

Silent and abandoned calls are usually made to consumers by companies using automated calling systems (ACS), also known as predictive diallers, to make outbound calls. If the called party answers the call and no agent is available, then the call is disconnected, which results in the consumer receiving an abandoned call. At this point many companies will deliver a recorded information message, but If no recorded information message is played, then the call will be silent.

How does silent callgard help?

We maintain a database of UK companies using predictive diallers and make clear to them your request not to be called from their dialler. By doing this the number of silent, abandoned and recorded message calls you receive should reduce.

Will it stop all silent and nuisance calls?

Unfortunately not, as many silent, abandoned and nuisance calls are made by companies outside of the UK who take no notice of the good practice measures adopted by most of the UK call centres.

How do silent calls cause harm?

Silent and abandoned calls (of which Ofcom considers silent calls to be more harmful) can cause annoyance, inconvenience and anxiety to consumers, especially to vulnerable groups. Sometimes the caller’s number (the Calling Line Identification, the CLI) is withheld, which means that the consumer is unable to find out who made the call.

Can the companies making these calls be fined?

Yes- Ofcom issued revised guidance in 2008 to reduce the harm caused to consumers from silent and abandoned calls. Since June 2006, Ofcom has taken formal enforcement action against nine companies under s128 of the Act. Moreover, after consultation, the government has recently increased the maximum penalty for persistent misuse to £2 million

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